Rules & Regulation

Students shall observe the General Regulations and other rules of discipline printed in the College Calendar and those framed from time to time.
In particular:

  1. Every Student should possess an Identity-Card which should be produced whenever asked for, by any staff member of the College.
  2. Punctuality and regualr attendance is insisted upon. Leave of absence from College should be applied for and obatined beforehand. Unforeseen absence must be justified on return to the College. Absence from the College Examinations and on the reopening of classas after the holidays will not be tolerated. The students will not be admitted until their parents meet the Principal personally and explain the absence.
  3. Attendance at Value Education classes and examination is compulsory.
  4. Those who depend on public conveyance to come to the College, should leave their homes early to avoid peak hours and be at the College on time.
  5. Irregularity in attendance, insubordinaton, habitual inattention. Neglect of work, vandalism, obscenity in word or act are punishable by suspension or dismissal. Minor offences are punishable by a fine or loss of attendance.
  6. Books, magazines, newspapers etc., not approved by the Principal should not be brought to the College.
  7. Use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs in any form on the College premises is strictly prohibited.
  8. Students should not join any Club or Society that may interfere with their regular studies in the College. They are not allowed to play in any team against the College.
  9. Students should not take part in any political agitation directed against the lawful authority of the Government. They are also forbidden to engage prominently in any public movement without the permssion of the Principal.
  10. The College, through not responsible for the conduct of its students outside its premises, will take cognizance of any serious misconduct of its students commited outside its premises.
  11. Students are required to live with parents, relatives, guardians or in hostels approved by the College Authorities. Early in the first term every student shall fill in a slip giving particulars of his place of residence in Bangalore.
  12. Attendance at classes and examinations, progress as well as conduct of the student will be taken into consideration while recommending students for merit certificates, fee concessions, scholarships, higher studies and employment.
  13. Apart from Educational tours in some subjects, the College does not organize picnics or tours. Students going on private in groups have to face severe disciplinary action.
  14. Those who indulge in ragging or encourage it will be dismissed from the College.
  15. Use of mobiles is strictly prohibited inside the buildins in the Campus.