To Parents & Guardian

Parents and Guardians are requested to Co-operate with the College authorities in enforcing discipline and regularity of study at home. In order that lessons may be duly understood , students should be devoted to study, the results are sure to be disappointing to them.

Absence to class should be justified by a leave note from the student signed by the parents/ guardian. A leave note for a long absence due to illness must be supported by a medical certificate. A medical certificate does not entitle a student attendance. Absence from College examination will be considered seriously. Absence , even for one subject, should be justified by a written note. A medical note is needed in case of illness. Re-examination cannot be considered a matter of right. In case of illness during the examinations, parents are expected to inform the Principal immediately. In case re-exam is permitted the students is required to attend the same. If any such student is absented for the re-exam, he/she shall be required to pay penal charges as notified from time to time.

Some parents express their surprise at the end of the year, at the unsatisfactory attendance and progress of their children in spite of our sending progress reports to them. Progress Reports of students will be issued after the examination. Some students fail to hand over their Progress Reports to their parents/ guardians. You are requested to come over the College office and check in case reports are not received by you within reasonable time. You are asked to meet the Deans and the Class Guides and other teachers if unsatisfactory progress or poor attendance is brought to your notice. A minimum of 75% attendance is required to complete the course without which a student is not eligible to take the end semester examination. They will not be readmitted to the College.

We expect parents to participate in parent's meetings and other activities of the College like Sports, Musical Evening and Annual Prize Distribution Day.

Attendance at Parents-Teachers meeting is obligatory. In case you are not able to attend for a reason, a written note should be send to the Principal.

Written information will be sent to Parents about study tours. Parents are specially asked not to allow their children to use a motorized vehicle without a valid license. Parents are requested to enforce dress code prescribe by the college, on their children/wards.