There will be regular end semester examination conducted by the Bangalore University and class tests conducted by the College and every student is obliged to take them. If for any reason he/she cannot take the examination, the parents/ guardians should meet the Principal personally and explain the student's absence failing which the student will not be permitted to attend his/her classes. There may be a penalty imposed.

The marks obtained in these class tests are considered for Internal Assessment.
No candidate will be permitted to appear for the end semester examination unless he/she fulfills the requirements of good conducted and progress in studies. A minimum of 75% attendance is a must in each subject.

Scheme of Examination

  1. There shall be a university examination at the end of each semester. The maximum marks for the university examination in each paper shall be 70.
  2. Of the 30 marks of internal assessment, 20 marks shall be based on the Two tests. Each test shall be of at least 01 hour duration to be held during the semester. The average of two tests shall be taken as the internal assessment marks. The remaining 10 marks of the Internal Assessment shall be based on Attendance and Skill development record of 05 marks each.
  3. The marks based on Attendance shall be awarded as given below:
    75% to 85% = 02 marks
    81% to 85% = 03 marks
    86% to 90% = 04 marks
    91% to 100% = 05 marks
  4. Marks for skill development shall be awarded by the faculty concerned based on Skill Development exercise provide in the syllabus of each paper. The Student is required to prepare/workout the concerned exercise in a Record Book maintained by him/her and shall submit it to the faculty concerned at least 15 days before the last date of the semester.